Hi! I’m Elizabeth, Director of Operations for MD Beauty Clinic and Miracle 10 Skincare. I recently decided to get my lips injected for the first time (!) at MD Beauty Clinic. Many of you have reached out asking about my experience, so we’ve put together a short guide of four things to know before getting lip filler, as well as a video showing the procedure and result. This was fun!

I’ve never been that interested in lip filler until recently when, I think, all the pursing of my lips and clenching of my jaw due to a combination of intense work focus/parenting/multiple global crises caught up with me. I craved a little pick me up, and I wanted it to be very natural. I wanted to look like me, and that’s of course what we do best at MD Beauty Clinic. Any kind of filler can be nerve wracking for a first timer and there’s a lot of misinformation about what to expect. If you’re thinking about getting lip filler, this guide may be a helpful first place to start.

You don’t need a dental block for lip filler

One thing that can really put people off is this idea that you need a full dental block (the anesthetic technique that numbs out areas of the mouth and face) in order to have a comfortable experience. All of the filler products that we use come formulated with lidocaine, which is a local anaesthetic that gently numbs the injection site. This combined with good technique on the part of your injector will ensure you have a very comfortable experience.

It’s still a needle, it’s not a gentle stroll in the park. But it’s comparable to a bee sting. A full dental block is unnecessary and ultimately causes more discomfort than it does relief. Anyone knows that being frozen all day is a huge bummer.

1 syringe of lip filler is not a whole lot

We’re a clinic known for delivering a natural look. When your injector recommends a whole syringe of filler, know that this is not actually a lot of product. Many of the dramatic lip transformations you see online take multiple syringes injected over many months to get that result.

You may have heard of half syringes of filler. This is not something we do at our clinic and we wouldn’t recommend you pursue this option anywhere. Filler companies do not sell half syringes, they sell full syringes. If a clinic is selling a half syringe this means they are decanting the syringe to split it in two or somehow “saving” the original syringe for later. You will not find this at a board certified plastic surgery or dermatology clinic. It is not a recommended practice and could affect the sterility and safety of the product.

One syringe of filler is actually 1/5th of a teaspoon! Be clear with your goals and let your injector do their work. If you really don’t need a whole syringe of filler in the lips your injector may decide to add a small amount elsewhere.

If you don’t like your lip injections, you can dissolve them

All the injectables we use at MD Beauty Clinic are temporary. But unlike Botox, which cannot be reversed after it has been injected (but will wear off over the course of 2-4 months), filler can be dissolved with hyaluronidase. If for whatever reason you really don’t like your result, you can always dissolve it. But let me tell you, this is rare. The more likely scenario is that the result is a little too subtle for what you were looking for.

You may need multiple lip injections to get the look you desire

Depending on your goals, anatomy and how your body absorbs the filler, you and your injector may together decide on multiple sittings to get the look you’re after. We will usually start slowly, and build from there. Adding too much product all at once in the lips can lead to an unnatural result so we typically inject one syringe before deciding on additional sittings. Trust your injector’s plan. They’re experts at what they do!