An important part of what we do is providing support, acceptance and discretion for our clients. We believe our clients deserve our undivided attention when they’re with us, and that all of their beauty needs are met, whether that’s non-invasive treatments or skincare, and even makeup— that’s what we’re all about.

While we know this to be true about MD Beauty Clinic, it’s reassuring when that belief is put to the test and the sentiment is shared. Ultimate validation happens for us when we open up our doors and discover if our clients are getting what we strive for out of their experience. We were so thrilled to have Auburn Lane contributor Carole Nelson Brown come by the clinic recently to see firsthand what our new space has to offer and capture her great experience over a series of articles for the website.

You can read Carole’s in-depth review of her experience at MD Beauty Clinic here—we must admit, we’re feeling pretty chuffed. Carole had our signature Miracle 10 Peel (a favourite among MD Beauty Clinic clientele), and after some discussion of her skin concerns she also went for the Redensity II Under Eye Treatment and Botox around her smile for a little lift.

Her article underscores how transparent our service providers were, with our Nurse Injector Sasha walking her carefully through each step of her treatments and discussing a holistic approach to addressing her needs that includes treatments in the clinic and a skincare regime outside the clinic—a key piece of what sets us apart from many clinics. We’re not about a quick fix, but rather discussing full picture solutions that will truly give you the glow you’re after. Our goal is to improve your overall skin health in addition to helping you feel your best.

“When I saw that the slogan at the MD Beauty Clinic is “Better not younger” I was intrigued. That is exactly what I need. I want to look better – not flawless, not younger, not perfect, just a little better,” shared Carole. She later added, “It feels so much less intimidating than sitting in the waiting room at a dermatologist’s office but you still get your treatment from an RN/RPN who has been trained by their board-certified surgeons and, in fact, they consult with those doctors regularly.”

There’s no better feeling for us than knowing a client walked out our doors feeling like she got the best service possible, feeling like herself with an extra confidence boost, and that she had the opportunity to be fully engaged in her treatment session. Thank you, Carole, for putting ‘better not younger’ to the test. We’re looking forward to the last installment of her experience, but for now you can read both of Carole’s articles here and here.