Glam fam,

We are just so excited to be back to work, doing what we love: caring for you and helping you achieve your beauty goals, however you define them. We’ve been hustling trying to get all of you in as soon as possible. We know you’re dying to freshen up your look after a long few months in quarantine. It’s definitely a bitter-sweet time. Sweet because we’re so glad to see you and care for you. Bitter because we know we are still fighting this virus and that it continues to be a real threat, especially to those in vulnerable situations. Wear your masks. Wash your hands, and continue to practice physical distancing. Keep yourself and others safe 🙂

Today we have a special feature on our beloved Injection Nurse, Avni. It’s a special feature because today Avni takes on a new role at MD Beauty Clinic: Lead Nurse Injector. It’s a totally new role, perfect for Avni. She’ll still be serving up fresh looks for you all but in addition to that she’s going to spearhead training and education for our team, help to grow our portfolio of products, and liaise with our vendors to ensure we’re getting the best access to resources, products and training for our team and clients. In addition to that, Avni will also help to support and refine the patient experience so that every interaction you have with the MDBC brand is perfect, and seamless. Congratulations Avni, this is well deserved and we can’t wait to see you shine!

Avni is coming up on her three year anniversary with MD Beauty Clinic and The Plastic Surgery Clinic. In the last three years, she has grown tremendously as a nurse injector. Prior to joining our team, Avni worked as an RPN at Sunnnybrook Hospital, Mackenzie Health Hospital, iHealth Centre and Skinatomy Laser Clinic. We recently caught up with Avni to talk about everything from fashion to cooking to everyday beauty advice. She is such a pleasure to have on our team and we know you love her as much as we do! Follow her on Instagram @beautynurseavni

Avni, you’re basically a style icon at our clinic! What’s your style inspiration?

COMFORT! Over the years, I have realized that style is what you make of it. And for me it’s comfort – especially in the daytime when at work. I like to be able to move around without being restricted and suffocated by tight clothing for the most part. But I will not hesitate to wiggle myself into Hervè Legèr for a nice dinner. I’d like to think I have a classic and glam style.

Has your injecting style changed over the years? If so, how?

It’s definitely changed over the years! With new techniques constantly being born, I like to stay up to date. I’m part of an injectors’ community online, where we learn different injecting styles for different areas. Attending seminars and watching live injections by other nurses and doctors has also played a part in changing some of my injecting ways.

The areas we inject seem to constantly change with fads as well. The Kardashians have a big impact on this. For example, on social media all you see is jawlines right now, and that’s because of them. There was a huge burst of patients wanting lip fillers when Kylie got hers done. New research into the anatomy of the face helps to mould our injecting skills as well. For example we used to directly treat the area of concern (like laugh lines) but now we learn about facial vectors and know that injecting the cheeks, for example, will help soften the laugh lines rather than injecting in them for more of a natural look.

Working at The Plastic Surgery Clinic and MD Beauty Clinic has changed some injecting techniques because we get to observe surgeries and are able to see how the face really works if injected in certain areas. The doctors are phenomenal with constantly teaching us and keeping us up to date!

What’s your #1 beauty tip?

How can I pick just one? Ok first and foremost: WEAR SUNSCREEEEEEEEN! It is so important. I see so many sun goddesses who don’t wear sunscreen. It may not show now, but it will surface in a few years with sun spots and even melasma. We want to keep you safe from melanoma.

Take your makeup off EVERY DAY. Even though it’s tedious and annoying, take it off! Your skin will thank you. Keeping makeup on will clog your pores and can create milia and textural changes to your skin.

Drink lots of water because it not only rids your body of toxins, but also keeps your skin hydrated and helps to maintain elasticity. It also keeps your skin looking radiant and glowy, reduces signs of aging and can even help minimize/soften lines from forming. Drinking water once you’ve had filler also is very beneficial because filler is hydrophilic (it loves water). So the area that was injected will stay plump.

What is your favourite dish to cook?

So hard to pick just one dish. I like to cook and bake everything! I find cooking very therapeutic. When everything is so uncertain, stressful and chaotic in my life, I find solace in measuring ingredients because it allows me to focus and divert my mind.

My goal is to learn how to cook a full meal for all types of cuisines. Indian, Thai, Italian, Chinese, you name it.

My favourite cuisine is Asian, and I absolutely LOVE noodles. I tell everyone if I could eat my way through Asia with noodles, I would, but I’d probably come back 50 lbs heavier. I am still trying to master how to make Singapore Vermicelli Noodles and Shanghai Noodles – if anyone has a really good recipe for this please share.

Who do you most admire?

Personally, I admire my brother and my husband so much. My brother is a workaholic and very good at what he does, but is also an amazing father and brother. He has always taught me to do what I love, and reach for the stars because no dream is too small. My husband pushes me to my limits because he knows I can go farther and do better. He knows me better than me!

Professionally, I admire Jenny Cajucom (@glamnursejenny) and our very own Lori Robinson (@asknurselori). They are the ones who found me and vouched for me at PSC. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here! Jenny is an amazing injector who I’ve looked up to for years (I used to stalk her on Instagram). I always felt like she was some kind of celebrity, and I had the honour and privilege of working with her at The Plastic Surgery Clinic/MD Beauty Clinic; she truly is a gem! Lori is the backbone of PSC, and gives me goals everyday at work to keep going. Her upbeat personality is so contagious, you want to be within her space and have her aura radiate all around you. She definitely will turn any frown upside down! She does a phenomenal job with patient care, and with maintaining clinic standards.

To book your next appointment with Avni fill out the contact form on this website or send us an e-mail at You can also call us toll-free 1-833-992-1226