Check out this mini lip-plump magic! Introducing Nurse Sylvia’s gorgeous patient. We just can’t get enough of this beautiful lip filler result. What makes it great? It’s not a trend. It’s just a super natural lip augmentation with a little oomph.

We’ve been talking a lot about trends in the cosmetic industry lately, and when it comes to lip fillers, there are a lot. From Russian and Cherry Lips to the Cupid’s Bow and the Keyhole Pout, there seems to be no end to the different shapes that can be achieved.

So what’s the problem? Why aren’t we huge fans of the trends? Well many of the lip filler trends these days require an actual transformation of the shape of a patient’s lips, and this is really not what we want to do with lip fillers.

We can add volume, add more definition, and correct asymmetries, but we really don’t want to be distorting the shape of the lips. We’re not saying that all the trends are bad. Some can yield beautiful results, but usually only on patients whose lips anatomically already kind of look like Russian lips, for instance.

Basically, what we don’t love about trends is that they promote this real alteration of the face and lips that’s distorting our view of reality. Some people prefer a more unnatural-looking result over a natural one, and if that’s what you’re into then go for it (with a super experienced injector who uses the safest possible tools and techniques). At our clinic, however, our expertise is a really really natural result that still achieves your goals.

This is why we just love the before and after picture of this patient. This is a beautiful soft lip augmentation by Nurse Sylvia. Only 0.6 mL of a soft hyaluronic acid filler was used for this patient. You can really see that nothing about the patient’s natural shape of the lips has actually been changed.

Nurse Sylvia simply added more volume, particularly in the top lip, creating more symmetry between the top and bottom lips, and also added a little definition to that cupid’s bow, creating a really soft and natural pout. Besides having excellent technique, all Nurse Sylvia did was work with the natural shape of the patient’s lips, emphasizing all of their already existing beautiful qualities.

And an extra perk, because this patient needed only 0.6 mL of filler the cost was $450. 1.0 mL is usually $600. Sometimes a little can really go a long way!