If you’re someone who’s been doing research into laser hair removal then you might literally be pulling your hair out yourself at this point. LOL. Ok, bad joke, bad joke. But seriously, the laser hair removal market can be extremely overwhelming.

There are so many different devices to choose from, and just so much misleading information out there. If you’re wondering whether the type of laser technology matters for your hair removal results, the answer is, yes absolutely.

So the key question you want to ask yourself when you’re doing your laser hair removal research is what makes a great technology?

How laser hair removal works

Ok so we’ll try not to get too “sciencey” here, but in order to know what to look for in a laser hair removal technology, you kind of need to know how lasers work to permanently remove hair.

Lasers basically target your hair by emitting a beam of light. This light energy is then absorbed by the pigment also known as the melanin in your hair. What ultimately destroys the hair is the heat that’s produced by the light energy.

Why is laser technology so important? Well there’s a number of factors that come into play. The light energy that lasers emit are also attracted to the pigmentation of your skin and surrounding tissue. So what you really want in a laser hair removal technology is a laser that’s going to target only what you actually want destroyed and removed and not skin and surrounding tissue.

So the only thing that you want a laser hair removal device to do is to target your hair, but not just the hair, what you really want is that the technology targets the hair follicle stem cells, which are located in a very specific part of the hair known as the hair bulge.

All this to say when you’re thinking about laser hair removal technologies, you really want to go somewhere that’s going to have the most advanced device as this will minimize not only any risk of skin or tissue damage, but will also reduce the number of treatments you need, and ensure permanent hair removal results

How does InMode laser hair removal technology work?

This is why we really love the InMode laser hair removal technology. Here is a technology that basically does exactly what you want it to do quickly and painlessly. The treatment takes 10-15 minutes tops!

InMode laser hair technology targets the hair right at its root follicle with something called a diode laser beam. Targeting the hair follicle stem cells is what ultimately prevents your body from generating new hair growth. The other great thing about InMode hair removal technology is that it can cover large surfaces, meaning that treatment time is significantly reduced. And it’s also safe for all skin types and tones.

Keep in mind that lasers target colour, so a device that’s safe for all kinds of skin tones is really essential. And again, a lot of us think about hair removal happening under the arms or on the legs, but some people need hair removal for the face for instance, so you really want a technology that’s not going to do any permanent damage.

And we’re a bit of a broken record about this, but the person using that laser hair removal device also needs to be super skilled and experienced. Laser hair removal technologies are extremely powerful and your provider really does need to know what they’re doing, otherwise you risk some really unwanted side effects from burns, hypo or hyper pigmentation, and scarring.

How long does InMode hair removal last? How many treatments will I need?

With InMode laser hair removal technology you only need 4-6 sessions to see permanent hair removal results. Some devices require up to 10 or 12 treatment sessions. And yes, the results are permanent, but depending on your hair growth, some individuals find that they need annual touch ups.

Interested in laser hair removal?

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