I would have avoided many terrible wax related situations if really good laser hair removal had been available to me 15 years ago. Thankfully, I’ve got access to it now and couldn’t be happier. No more in-growns! Smoother skin! And duh, no more hair.

I’ve rounded up our 5 favourite things about laser hair removal for your reading enjoyment. There are many great things about it, but these are the best. If you’re curious about getting laser hair removal, read on now!

1. Almost permanent hair removal

On average, most people will require 6 sessions to achieve almost permanent hair removal. We say “almost permanent” because you may need a touch up once a year (sometimes less) after your initial block of treatments. Your hair colour and type, as well as skin tone and how frequently you go in for treatments will affect the number of sessions required to get to that “almost permanent” result. Waiting too long in between treatments will have an effect, so make sure you are booking in at regular intervals (4-6 weeks).

2. It helps with keratosis pillar and in-growns

You know those bumps you have on the backs of your arms or thighs? Some people also get them on the lower legs and bum. They’re called keratosis pillar and we often see a huge improvement after laser hair removal! These bumps emerge in and around the hair follicle, and because laser hair removal targets the follicle itself bumps become less common after treatment.

People who suffer from in-grown hairs also see huge improvements after laser hair removal. In-growns happen when the hair can’t break through the skin’s surface and gets stuck underneath. Sometimes these in-growns also get infected if bacteria builds up and can’t drain from the pore. No more hair = no more in-growns. Book me in.

3. Laser hair removal is not that expensive

Well, at least at MD Beauty Clinic it isn’t. Before we brought on laser hair removal, we noticed that the accessible prices were being seen at discount med-spas or at places using not-so-great hair removal machines. If you’ve ever purchased one of those Groupon packages for laser hair removal you may have noticed it takes 12+ sessions to get any hair reduction at all. That’s because the settings aren’t right or the technology is sub-optimal.

On the other end, you’ve got the high-end places which charge a fortune. A good machine costs a lot of money, which is why the sessions themselves can be really expensive. At MD Beauty Clinic we’ve hit a bit of a sweet spot with our volumes and the relationships we have with our providers, so our laser hair removal packages are very, very well priced. Check out the cost of hair removal at our Toronto and Mississauga locations. You get a great result for a great price and we’re really proud of that.

4. It’s fast and less painful than waxing

We’re the first to admit that laser hair removal sounds a little intimidating. First of all, our machine is really really comfortable and has built in controlled cooling. Your tech uses a steady rhythm (zap, zap, zap) to treat the area in question, which we prefer over wax (the anticipation of the wax being ripped off is the absolute worst).

5. Our medical aestheticians are the best in the biz

Being part of a larger plastic surgery practice (The Plastic Surgery Clinic) means that all of our medical aestheticians have direct access to one of our three doctors. If they’re concerned about the device, or a client’s skin condition, they can easily ask for medical advice from a doctor. As a result, burns or other side effects are really uncommon at MD Beauty Clinic.

Remember that these lasers are very powerful devices, and if they aren’t used properly they can cause some harm. Always ask about your medical aestheticians training and expertise before undergoing a treatment with any kind of laser. Our aestheticians are some of the best and most experienced laser techs in the biz.