If you’re looking for glowy, smooth skin before a big event, or simply looking for a go-to treatment that you can get on a regular basis to maintain healthy skin integrity, we’ll probably recommend either the Formal Facial or our longstanding and cult favourite Miracle 10 Facial Peel treatment.

Because they’re both “types” of facials, we thought we’d break down some of the main differences between the two to help you choose which one might be the best for your skin goals. And if the two are sounding pretty great after you read this, there’s no reason you can’t dabble in both ☺

Forma Facial vs. Miracle 10 Facial Peel Treatment: What’s the difference?

Ok, well if we’re going to break it down for you with one main difference, we’d say that the Forma Facial can be viewed as kind of a technologically modernized approach to a facial treatment that can get a lot done for the skin, whereas the Miracle 10 facial peel is more of a traditional, relaxing facial with the added punch of a chemical exfoliant (usually an alphahydroxy acid) and Miracle 10 skincare products. Both of these treatments get the job done in different ways while helping you to destress at the same time.

The Formal Facial is actually a radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening and remodelling treatment, which offers deep tissue stimulation, contracts tissue and also encourages the production of collagen and elastin. It’s a great treatment if you need that immediate fresh faced look before an event, but its primary goal is really to address and tighten moderate skin laxity, and is super effective on the face, neck, décolleté, and even on the hands.

The Miracle 10 facial peel is a great regular treatment to get in order to maintain healthy skin. It will also give you that refreshed clean skin look before an event, but we’ll also recommend it if you’re looking to battle recurring skin concerns like acne, hyperpigmentation or melasma.

The Miracle 10 facial peel combines deep exfoliation with dermaplaning, a technique that removes dead skin and bacteria from the surface layer of the skin in order to maintain healthier, cleaner skin, and to ensure that those lovely skincare products you’re using actually penetrate the skin at a deeper level and make a real difference.

The thing we love most about this treatment is that it’s also super relaxing and is customized to you so that it won’t leave your skin looking super red or raw. Essentially you can get it on your lunch break and return to work with glowing skin.

Forma Facial vs. Miracle 10 Facial Peel Treatment: Which one’s for me?

Honestly, the best thing about both of these treatments is that they’re equally great for all skin types and tones, and can benefit pretty much anyone and everyone.

If you’re looking though more for a skin tightening treatment that will really enhance your skin elasticity then we’ll probably recommend the Forma Facial. If you’re looking to combat acne, address sun or age spots, or deal with melasma then the Miracle 10 peel is best suited for those types of concerns.

That said, because these treatments are so versatile and work for all skin types, they’re not limited to addressing only specific skin concerns. The Miracle 10 facial peel is really great for anyone even if you’re not combatting acne or melasma and the same can be said for the Formal Facial. If you’re looking for a little skin rejuvenation and getting your glow on, those are also great reasons to try either.

And there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t ultimately try both and see which one suits you best, and if you’re loving both, nothing is stopping you from alternating between the two.

Should I expect any downtime with either of these treatments?

Nope. This is the other great thing about both the Formal Facial and the Miracle 10 facial peel. We don’t recommend all treatments before a big event because some require some social downtime. With these treatments, on the other hand, you’re pretty much good to go right after your appointment.

With the Miracle 10 peel treatment you’ll often see glowy results right after treatment. With the Forma Facial, because the applicator used emanates heat, you might expect to look like you just walked out of the gym after a work out for about 30 minutes to an hour after treatment. You can otherwise expect a contoured, sculpted, more youthful looking look.

For the Forma Facial, just a note to those who have really sensitive skin: you may need to give yourself a little more than an hour for any redness or mild swelling to subside.

How many treatment sessions will I need to get the best result?

Both the Forma Facial and Miracle 10 peel treatment can be one off treatments you get just to give your skin that boost. That said, if you’re looking for more long term results from these treatments and for them to address particular skin concerns then a series of treatments will be what gets you optimal results that just get better and better with time.

To achieve maximum skin tightening results with the Forma Facial we’ll usually recommend 6 treatments spaced one week apart then yearly maintenance treatments. With the Miracle 10 facial peel treatment, we’d recommend getting this one every 6-8 weeks  whether you’re looking to address a particular skin concern or just looking to maintain healthy skin.

With the Miracle 10 facial peel your aesthetician will adjust as you go so that you never plateau. This means that you can expect that the concentration and/or type of acid that you get at your very first peel will likely be different from what you’re getting a year later as you “train” your skin, so to speak, with subsequent treatments.

At MD Beauty Clinic, no matter the treatment, we will always give you a plan customized exactly to your unique skin type.