You’ve heard it a million times now and you lived through it yourself: 2020 was really, really hard. We won’t lie, we’re sure as hell glad to kick this year to the curb, even knowing that the first few months of 2021 are bound to be equally challenging. We have optimism, though, as we look into the future. Plus, we’ve been hard at work these past few months learning new techniques, bringing on new products and technologies and growing our team so that we can deliver the absolute best treatments and experiences for you in the new year and give you the glow you deserve.

With that, we’d like to introduce another new face to our team: Nurse Sylvia Comacchio-Dodd. Sylvia received her nursing degree in 1998 and has been practicing aesthetic nursing for the past 10 years. Sylvia’s first foray into aesthetic nursing started with laser hair removal and gradually progressed to more advanced approaches involving cosmetic lasers and injectables such as Botox and dermal fillers.

Over the years, Sylvia has proven to be an early adopter with many aesthetic techniques, including a European approach to injectables, which focuses on increasing safety while decreasing downtime. She is continually involved in the aesthetics field by testing new approaches, as well as receiving training from other physicians and technicians. Sylvia also teaches new injectors alongside Dr. Chbat at the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine. We recently chatted with Sylvia about her experience and background and we’re absolutely thrilled to have her join our team of experts.

You’ve been in the field of aesthetic nursing for quite some time now. How has the industry changed since you first started 10 years ago?

The industry has completely changed since I first started. The products have changed but even more than that, the technique has changed. We used to chase lines (i.e. inject exactly where lines are forming). Now we focus on facial structure as a whole to help improve volume loss and create a more natural look to the face.

What is your favourite treatment or area to treat?

Lip filler! Who doesn’t like a pretty pout?

Of all the celebrities who speak openly about getting injectables, who do you think has the best results?

Kelly Ripa, she looks very natural. Kelly has been doing injectables for a really long time and she (and her provider) have never lost perspective. A well educated provider will make sure that you continue to look like you over the years. It’s really unfortunate when you see a patient start to lose perspective on their look and become overfilled.

What advice do you have for a newbie just undergoing injectables?

Start slow. Ensure you and your injector have a plan. Know the risks and have realistic expectations. You may require many sittings over a period of months (or even years) to achieve the results you are looking for.

Nurse Sylvia will be taking appointments January 9th!