Microneedling is a great treatment for melasma, skin texture, acne scars, and skin that really needs hydration and an overall glow. At MD Beauty Clinic we have a number of microneedling beauty booster treatments that we recommend for the above skin concerns.

These treatments differ in their formulations but have the same end goals: they’re meant to hydrate and revitalize your skin, smooth out those textures, increase elasticity, and improve on your skin’s overall quality and luminosity.

Talking and writing about treatments is one way to let you know what they’re all about, but hearing about someone’s experience with a treatment firsthand can really unveil a lot about what it can do for you and what to expect before you head into the treatment room.

So this week, we hooked up with Amy, our fabulous and beautiful Marketing & Business Development Associate at Miracle 10 Skincare, to learn about her experience with microneedling. Amy has signed on to follow through with our recommended treatment plan (3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart), so we won’t see her full results today. But we wanted to get her thoughts on her first experience with the process.

Before deciding to undergo microneedling Amy consulted a number of our expert injectors on the condition of her skin and they all recommended this treatment for her goals.

Why did you choose microneedling?

I decided to get microneedling treatments because I was concerned with laugh lines around my mouth, and wanted to minimize the size of my pores. I wanted to address fine lines and wrinkles overall. I was also interested in microneedling because my skin tends to be on the oilier side and I heard that microneedling is effective in controlling the overproduction of oil.

What is a microneedling treatment like?

My treatment lasted about 30 minutes. I asked for a topical numbing cream, which takes a few minutes to set in, and I also asked a ton of questions (which we definitely encourage at MD Beauty Clinic).

For any of you thinking about this treatment out there, the machine is a bit intimidating. It’s a little akin to a staple gun and can be a bit noisy, but you are in very skilled hands so although the device may look and sound a bit menacing, try to relax and rest assured that your provider knows exactly what they are doing.

Each treatment syringe is just enough for a whole face, but if you have a smaller face your injector may do a double pass during your treatment as Olga did for me. My treatment syringe contained a combination of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid filler and a cocktail of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The goal of microneedling is to stimulate collagen production, and in order to do this you need to cause trauma to the skin. It’s your wound healing response that stimulates the natural production of collagen in your body. You can think of microneedling as a kind of give and take treatment. Although you’re puncturing the skin you’re also simultaneously giving back to it with necessary nutrients that will help it to heal.

Did microneedling hurt?

I won’t lie, but depending on your pain threshold, it can be a little uncomfortable even if you have a numbing cream. When Olga passed the device over certain areas of my face some parts were more sensitive than others. I had more discomfort around my eyes and closer to my nose, and around the upper lip as well.

Is there any downtime after treatment?

You’ll definitely need to work in some social downtime into your schedule following this treatment. Even though we’re not doing a ton of socializing these days, this is one of those treatments where you want to go home after not back to work. You don’t really want to be jumping on a Zoom call after this.

What did your skin look like after microneedling?

Right after my treatment my face was red, I had tiny little dots and bumps on my face. My skin also felt tight and dry, and also felt a little like I was getting the beginnings of a mild sunburn. Less than 24 hours later my skin was looking much better and I was comfortable to go out again. And my first impressions were that my pore sizes were already looking smaller.

Another thing to note is that you might have to change your skincare for about a week after this treatment. I needed to switch to Miracle 10’s Cleanser I and Toner, products that contain no acids and that are gentler on your skin.

Other Key Microneedling Info

We’re grateful that Amy is sharing her experience with these treatments, but it’s important to remember that every person is different. Keep in mind that Amy has thicker skin on her face, meaning that it’s less prone to some of the injuries that might result from this treatment, and her skin may heal a little faster. If you have thinner skin, you may see some swelling and bruising in addition to some of the skin reactions that Amy mentioned, and your skin may take a little longer to return back to normal.

Keeping that in mind, we recommend giving yourself anywhere from 24-48 hours of social downtime after microneedling, so this is a treatment that you may want to schedule on a Friday afternoon and take the weekend to let your skin go back to normal.

The Results We’re Expecting to See

Microneedling is a treatment that you need to be patient with but the results are really worth it. You really need to do 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart to see results and then you can have the treatment done every 6 months in order to maintain your result.

Following this first microneedling treatment, Amy will probably only see minimal results, but we’re expecting some amazing results following her third and final treatment. We expect to see an overall improvement in skin texture, a reduction in pore size, an improvement in overall hydration and volume giving her more glow, and an overall improvement in the quality of her skin.

Stay tuned for Amy’s results. We can’t wait to see her before and after photos!