If you’re one of our avid readers then you know how much we love before and after photos. Before and after photos are just so so useful on so many levels. They show you, the patient, your transformative result no matter how subtle it might be. And it shows future patients what they might expect from a treatment and how varying techniques and approaches can differently affect your goals.

The before and after photo of the non-surgical rhinoplasty result below is anything but subtle. This is by far one of the most amazing non-surgical rhinoplasty results we’ve seen in a while and we’re so jazzed we can share it with you here.

What is a Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

We’re pretty lucky these days that there is a non-surgical treatment option for almost every surgery out there. Of course, the results of a non-surgical rhinoplasty are not going to be anywhere near a surgical rhinoplasty result, but in the right candidate, it can really make a world of difference and be all that you need.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty basically uses soft tissue fillers in strategic areas of the nose in order to address certain issues. It really isn’t a replacement for the traditional nose job, but can be super effective in improving irregularities that you might notice following a nose job (if you’ve had one).

It can also be an amazing treatment for very specific types of issues, like if you’re looking to augment the bridge of the nose or the dorsum, fill in small depressions, or add some volume to the nose to give it an overall smoother and straighter appearance.

This particular non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment was also combined with a thread lift nose job, which is what really drove the result home. A thread lift nose job works by inserting dissolvable InstaLift threads, just below the surface of the skin in strategic areas of the nose like in the tip of the nose for instance, in order to give the nose a lift as well as more contour and definition.

And this is exactly what we’re seeing with this amazing before and after picture! Our beautiful patient really just wanted to give her nose a straighter appearance. You can see the prominent bump in her nose prior to her non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment.

Dr. Chbat inserted threads in the tip of the nose to lift and subtly straighten the bridge. He then injected soft tissue filler on the bridge of the nose ultimately allowing the hollowed areas of her nose to come in line with the bridge, and literally almost like magic, the overall appearance of her nose was beautifully improved.

The threads and soft tissue fillers not only made her nose look straighter and smoother, but also added a lot of contour to her nose, ultimately adding more lift and definition not only to her nose but really to her entire lovely face.

A non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment can’t do everything, so of course if you’re looking for a more dramatic result or seeking structural changes to the nose like making it smaller for instance or addressing something like a deviated septum, only surgery can do that for you.

That being said, because a non-surgical rhinoplasty is really the equivalent of a filler treatment for the nose, sometimes combined with a thread lift, it can add volume to areas. So it’s great if you’re looking to fill in or lift areas of the nose or to make it a little larger or to add definition, but not the right treatment if you’re looking to reduce the size of your nose.

How long does a non-surgical rhinoplasty last?

A non-surgical rhinoplasty can last for up to almost two years and you typically only need one treatment. There is also very little downtime, with potential mild swelling or bruising for a day or two and maybe a bit of stinging and tingling in the area but otherwise you’re pretty much good to go following your treatment.

One last thing we’ll say about the non-surgical rhinoplasty and this result in particular. The nose is an extremely sensitive area of the face so do not cut on costs with this treatment (and as a rule of thumb any treatment). It’s also a treatment that should be performed by an experienced aesthetic doctor.

You want a doctor that has knowledge of the anatomy of the nose not only to reduce potential risks or negative side effects of the treatment but also if what you want to see is this kind of incredible result.