If you’ve never had one—or worse, if you have and it did not go according to plan—the words “chemical peel” might strike a little fear into your heart. We’ve all seen that episode of Sex and the City where Samantha’s ill-fated chemical peel leaves her looking like beef carpaccio at a public event the next day. But fear not! Not all facial peel treatments are created equal.

Our peel treatment is designed to work well as a lunchtime facial, meaning you could come in during a lunch break and return to work immediately with your skin looking fresh and glowing (and never ever looking like raw meat). It starts with an in-depth consultation with your aesthetician who will evaluate the approach that will get the best results for your specific skin type.

It’s also a cult favourite because the treatment encompasses a relaxing 45-minute long spa-like experience incorporating different methods of manual and chemical exfoliation: dermaplaning or an enzyme scrub plus the right alpha or beta hydroxy acid formulation for your skin. These steps are followed up with masks, serums, moisturizers and more. It’s basically a skincare buffet.

The result is skin that looks plump, glowing, and rejuvenated. Thanks to this intensive process, your at home-skincare routine will yield even better results as any built up layers of dead skin cells will have been removed from your skin’s surface, allowing products to effectively reach and treat deeper levels of the skin.

It feels great, it’s relaxing, and it gets real results. If you want to see each step in action, here’s what a peel treatment is like at our clinic.


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