You may have already seen Dr. Goyal’s face either in person at the clinic, on our blog or on the MD Beauty Clinic instagram feed. She was recently featured in The Kit, speaking about J-Lo’s absurd claims around olive oil and botox – and we just love her take on the whole drama as well as her approach to non-surgical beauty treatments. Dr. Goyal is the real deal, and we’re so pleased to have her on board as our co-medical director at MD Beauty Clinic. She and Dr. Chbat will be working closely with our team of plastic surgeons to deliver the best and most innovate treatments to you.

Read on to get to know Dr. Goyal and learn about her approach to aesthetic medicine. We can’t wait to have you in for a treatment with her. She is our resident PRP/PRF expert so if you are looking to trying something new this year, we’ve got just the thing.

Dr. Goyal has been a member of the College of Family Physicians of Canada since 2015. After graduating from her Family Medicine residency at the University of Toronto, she went on to complete a fellowship in Academic and Hospital Medicine. She added non-surgical Cosmetic Medicine to her practice in 2018 including sclerotherapy, cosmetic neurotoxin treatments, neurotoxin treatments for migraines, hyperhidrosis and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction. She also offers facial rejuvenation treatments including both injectable fillers and platelet rich plasma (PRP).

You’re kicking off your start at MD Beauty Clinic and The Plastic Surgery Clinic as our PRP/PRF expert. Why do you love PRP/PRF and who is your ideal candidate?

I absolutely love PRP and PRF for so many reasons. Everyone is a candidate for either one of these treatments, and I love that they do not not discriminate across skin tones like many other cosmetic procedures. When it comes to cosmetic treatments, often times patients are looking to retain their youthfulness and often fixate on a “problem area” like their smile lines or tear trough depressions but what they don’t realize is that a loss of healthy, glowing, firm skin is probably the first thing that they’re noticing in the morning as a concern.

I especially love these treatments because they are effective “natural” ways of achieving dramatic results for improving skin texture, laxity, pore reduction, scar reduction, pigment correction, as well as volume restoration for patients that have the time and patience for these treatments to restore youthfulness. Almost everyone is a candidate for PRP, and so my recommendation will depend on individual patient goals and timeline.

I love to use it for patients looking to achieve “natural” results, someone who is new to cosmetic medicine and hesitant to use fillers or neurotoxin, or anyone looking to address texture, discolouration, acne scarring or other scarring, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, skin laxity and simply those looking for a “facial refresh.”

What was your first “Aha! moment” as an aesthetic doctor? Was there a particular technique or moment that really got you excited about pursuing cosmetic medicine?

I was always excited about pursuing cosmetic medicine. There’s nothing better than being able to work in an industry that is personally and professionally satisfying. My first aha moment was when I started following the techniques and teachings of Dr. Steven Harris. My biggest problem with the cosmetic industry is that many techniques, in my opinion, are promoting dysmorphia and ultimately body dysmorphic disorder.

Dr. Harris was the first injector that I was introduced to who was really fighting this trend and finding or creating ways of using cosmetic medicine to truly achieve facial rejuvenation without overfilling or distorting the facial features.

What is your favourite treatment or area to treat?

I love to treat all areas but find it especially satisfying to treat chins, followed by tear troughs and lips.

You’re stuck on a deserted island and can pick only one skincare product to have with you. What is it?

This one’s easy. If I’m stuck on an island, and I can only bring one item, I’m bringing SPF!

Are there any new skincare or treatment trends that you are watching closely?

Yes! Dr. Tarek Chbat and I are actually bringing threads to MD Beauty Clinic, which I’m very excited for in terms of treatment trends. I’m following the use of CBD in skincare very closely and I’m excited to know where all of the new research will lead us.

Check out some of Dr. Goyal’s before and after photos below.

Before and after one PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment and lip filler


Before and after 3 PRP treatments