There are some treatments that we offer that are, well, a little more personal and intimate than others, and the Brazilian laser treatment is probably near the top end of the list.

We totally get how you can feel really vulnerable getting a Brazilian laser treatment! So we thought that if we break it down from start to finish for you, it could help to dispel any of the anxieties you might be feeling.

It’s a sensitive area for sure, but trust us: we’ve seen it all and we have soooo much experience.

The Consultation

Ok, so if you’re interested in getting a Brazilian laser treatment you’ll have a complimentary consultation with one of our fabulous aestheticians first. We do a consultation first because we need to take a medical history to be sure that we can proceed with the procedure safely. Your appointment will be scheduled on another day following your consultation.

It’s not common knowledge but there are actually contraindications when it comes to the Brazilian laser treatment. This means that there are certain health conditions, like cardiac problems, or certain autoimmune disorders, that may prevent us from performing the treatment. If you’re on antibiotics, for instance, you’ll need to finish the full course before having the treatment.

During the consult feel free to ask as many questions as you need about the whole process! This is where you can get all the inside info on what’s involved, and if you’re anxious, an open discussion with your aesthetician can make you feel at ease.

About the Brazilian Laser Treatment

Our Brazilian laser treatment is a hair reduction treatment, not a permanent hair removal treatment, meaning that you can expect to schedule maintenance treatments. How often you need the maintenance treatments really varies from person to person. Some people need maintenance treatments once a year, and some are good to get a maintenance treatment once every five years. It really just depends on how quickly that hair might reappear.

This area of the body is more hormonal, and actually produces more hair at a faster pace than other areas of the body. This means that it’s a bit tougher to treat. Not impossible, of course, it may just take more treatment sessions than you expect.

We always recommend a package of six treatments to start, and this works for most patients. But sometimes another round of six treatments could be necessary to get the result you want. Treatments are spaced six weeks apart. This is because during those six weeks your body experiences a more active stage of hair growth, meaning that after six weeks we can target the most hair follicles.

The treatment is absolutely safe for all skin tones and types. Because the laser responds to skin colour, it is typically easier to treat the hair follicles on lighter skin than on darker skin, which may require some additional treatments.

The Brazilian Laser Treatment: Step-by-Step

Ok, so here’s what to expect on the day of your appointment.

The treatment takes one hour, but this is mostly taken up by the set up around the treatment. The actual laser treatment part really takes under 10 minutes.

You need to arrive for your appointment fully shaved (it’s ok if you missed a spot!). We recommend that you shave the day before, and you can only shave with a razor. No plucking or waxing please! This is to preserve the hair follicles that the laser will target during the treatment.

You’ll meet with your aesthetician. They’ll have you get undressed from the waist down, lie on the bed, and place a cloth/towel over yourself.

With our new machine (InMode’s Optimas platform—we love this state-of-the-art technology) we don’t need to apply topical numbing cream as it’s super comfortable and incredibly fast. The machine that we use actually has an implemented cooling system, meaning that when your aesthetician glides the headpiece over your skin all you feel is cool and possibly a light snap or a rubbery stretching sensation, but most people just feel cool, and absolutely no pain.

You’ll be asked to put on a pair of protective eyewear, and your aesthetician will do a test patch to see how the skin tolerates the settings. They’ll ask you to tell them how you feel from 1-10. Once you’re 100% comfortable with the sensation, they’ll apply a topical ultrasound gel, which is a conductive gel that aids the laser in delivering energy to the hair follicles.

Your aesthetician will start with the bikini line, then move onto the pubis and the labia. If you’re getting a full Brazilian you’ll turn onto your stomach so the aesthetician can do the hair on your bum. This is often the part people are most sensitive about but it’s probably the easiest part! Only a few zaps and you’re done.

Again what takes the longest is the set up around the treatment. Your aesthetician will apply the ultrasound gel one area at a time, and will also need to adjust the headpiece settings. Some areas are more sensitive than others, so the energy being delivered needs to be decreased or increased depending on the sensitivity.

We can do this treatment any time of the year, but it’s obviously a great treatment to get in the summer time.

We can also accommodate designs if that’s your thing, though keep in mind that the headpiece we use can’t target small details. But basic simple shapes like a triangle or similar we can do! And we’re always open to hear your ideas.