It seems every day there’s a new celebrity “now and then” pic circulating Instagram, doesn’t there? Accompanying these images are often thousands of user comments, speculating about which treatments the celebrity has undergone, how many units of Botox they had, how many syringes of filler, what techniques were used to achieve the look, and so on etc. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t fascinated by these transformations. They’re often very good. Sometimes, the celebrity ends up looking like a very different person (think Kylie Jenner), but with others, if you didn’t see the before, you would never have guessed they’d had anything done.

So, how do you tell if someone has had something done? Are there any tell-tale signs of injected lips? First of all… who cares?? Yes, we just said that. Hear us out: it’s true that our approach is all about a natural, subtle result. And we are happy when our patients and public figures own the treatments they receive. The more transparency the better. What we’re not about is trying to “out” someone for something they’ve had done. Likewise, we hate that people feel self-conscious about their choices. We don’t want them to worry about what someone will think or do if they “find out” they got botox, or filler, or whatever! Our goal is definitely to create that “born with it” look for you, but we would never judge someone for wanting (or getting) something more dramatic. We’re interested in you looking just like you (the million dollar version of you), but we’re also tired of the culture that shames people for the choices they decide to make about their own bodies.

You might want to know the difference between injected and non-injected lips because you’re interested in getting it done and you want to get a complete sense of what your result will be. And to that end, we’ll give you a few pieces of information.

There are some lip injections hat are more obvious than others. Let’s stick with our Kylie example. To get that result Kylie would have had to get multiple syringes over an extended period of time. Kylie’s look is very dramatic, and it’s pretty obvious because her lips don’t move that naturally when she speaks, and she’s lost those natural lines every lip has. There’s so much product there that the lip’s surface is smooth as glass. Nothing wrong with this, but it’s more dramatic than most people are comfortable with.

You may have also seen lips that look really hard, uneven or lumpy. This is probably the result of a permanent type of filler like silicone. Unfortunately, silicone is a really terrible lip filler, and it’s very challenging to get rid of once it’s been injected. That’s why we only EVER use hyaluronic acid based lip filler, which is a naturally occurring substance in the body. If you do have silicone filler in your lips and you want to do something about it, come for a consult, this is something only a plastic surgeon can address.