What’s so special about this clinic, anyway?

The industry we’re in is growing lightning fast. You’ve noticed it. You’ve seen those enhanced lips; some scary, yes, but others so natural you wouldn’t have suspected a thing. You’ve seen those foreheads, too; frozen so tight you could bounce a dime off one. But then your friend’s forehead looks so good. She’s had botox, and she can still move her face. She looks good. Great, actually. And all of a sudden your hair dresser is offering it, god, even Shopper’s Drug Mart is offering it. You’ve wondered, is this for me? Is it time? But where should I go?

We’re not about to tell you to avoid the injector at your hair dresser’s office, but with the industry growing so quickly, and everyone wanting to get their hand in the pot, it can be hard to separate the bad from the good from the great.

What we can tell you is this: our medical directors are plastic surgeons, our team gets truly the best training in the business, we are one of the highest volume clinics in the country, and we take really, really good care of you. When you are trusting someone with your skin, your body, and your face, all these things play a crucial role in your outcome, and in how you feel. We want you to look good, and to feel good, here’s how we do it:

Our medical directors are plastic surgeons

Did you know that Plastic Surgeons are amoung the most highly specialized surgeons there are? Years and years of training are required to become one. And their speciality is, of course, aesthetics. From day one, they are taught about proportion and line, what makes a face interesting to look at, and how to restore particular body parts after trauma (we’re obviously not doing trauma work at MD Beauty Clinic, but isn’t it nice to know that if you did, say, cut off your finger, you’d know someone who could put it back on? LOL). Going to a clinic where plastic surgeons are the medical directors means that truly the best in the field of aesthetics are training and mentoring and overseeing the providers doing the work. AT MD Beauty Clinic, our surgeons are always available to consult with our injectors or aestheticians about a patient’s treatment plan. If you’d like to chat with a doctor, we can arrange that. And if your concerns can’t be fully met by non-surgical treatments alone, we can look into that for you. Likewise, if one of our providers has a question about the treatment they are performing, they can touch base with the doctors and have them double check his or her plan so that you get the absolute best possible result.

Our team gets the best training in the business

Training is a big investment for any business, and in our field, it’s necessary. Because we are such a high profile practice, we get invited to all the biggest industry events such as the University of Toronto Aesthetics Symposium, MD Codes, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery conference, and more. With leaders in the fields of customer service, public relations and health care on our team, we are constantly developing both our technique and our interpersonal skills to give you an experience that is memorable and comfortable.

We believe in better, not younger

These days, it seems like we’re either being told we need to look young, or that we need to accept ourselves exactly as we are. Is it just me, or do both of those options kind of suck? We have zero interest in being “young” again. Hey – it was fun, but I’d rather not be wondering if I can make next month’s rent or wandering around a crowded club at 12:30 am but maybe that’s just me (pretty sure it’s not). Likewise, I don’t want to be judged because I get a little botox, or because I’m considering it! There’s nothing wrong with wanting something better for yourself if it’s going to make you feel good. And that’s really behind everything that we do. We want you to look and feel like you – the bad ass, super confident version of you.