The neck and décolleté often get the short end of the stick when it comes to skin rejuvenation. Because they’re not the first parts of our body that we necessarily look at when we look in the mirror, we forget how important they are in enhancing the rest of our features.

Our décolleté especially is often put on display without us realizing it, but in turn it’s also exposed to a lot of potential damage, from the sun for instance.

The Miracle 10 Body Peel Treatment

The Miracle 10 peel treatment for the neck and décolleté offers exfoliation therapy in combination with a mild glycolic acid or lactic acid peel that will rejuvenate your skin, leaving your neck and décolleté looking and feeling smooth and supple.

$90 per treatment $216 for 3 treatments

Micro Needling Beauty Booster with Redensity I

One of our most powerful beauty boosters, this treatment will deeply hydrate and revitalize the skin on your neck and décolleté with a special combination of Redensity I and micro needling.

$1,800 for 3 treatments at 3 week intervals. Yearly maintenance treatments are offered at $600 per treatment.

Viva Diamond Polar Treatment

Viva Diamond Polar treatment stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin in the body, which will smooth out and tighten the skin on your neck and décolleté.

$200 per treatment or $1,280 for 8 treatments

Viva Nano Fractional

Viva Nano Fractional is a skin resurfacing treatment that targets the deep lines and wrinkles on your skin. It will rejuvenate the skin on your neck and décolleté leaving them looking smooth and youthful.

$250 per treatment or $800 for 4 treatments

Intense-Pulsed Light (IPL) Treatment

Intense-Pulsed Light treatment will safely and effectively target any skin imperfections on your neck and décolleté such as discoloration, age spots, and broken blood vessels.

$100 per treatment or $240 for 3 treatments

Which treatment is best suited for me?

Come meet us for a complimentary consultation. We’ll put together a treatment plan based on your needs, goals, and budget. We can’t wait to meet you.