Do you have a doctor on staff?

Yes! MD Beauty Clinic is supervised by three plastic surgeons who are available as a resource at any time during, before, or after your treatment. This makes us more special than most clinics with “doctor supervision.”

What’s more is that all of our providers undergo extensive, ongoing training with our plastic surgeons. In fact, our entire team works closely with our doctors to ensure we are providing the absolute best aesthetic, medical experience for our clients.

Do you have financing plans available?

Absolutely! Ask us about our financing options at your complimentary consultation.

I really want to try botox, but I'm afraid of looking "over done" or "frozen."

We get it! This is something we are extremely focussed on in our day to day work as well as in our training. How much movement you want to see is totally up to you, and we can absolutely soften fine lines and wrinkles while maintaining your normal expressions. We can always start with a micro dose, and work our way up if we have to.

What if I hate my filler results?

The great thing about the fillers we use is that they can be dissolved using hyaluronidase. Any proper medical clinic will have this on hand in case of emergency. If you really dislike the look of your filler (and for the record, we really don’t think you will), we can absolutely dissolve it. There is a cost to this and that will be discussed at your in person consultation, as it is dependent on how much or little you’d like dissolved.

How much is BOTOX?

Check out our pricing page!

What injectable products do you use?

Our neuromodulator of choice is BOTOX ® Cosmetic. As the very first neuromodulator in the world, BOTOX ® Cosmetic has the longest history of use and the most clinical trials and peer reviewed studies than any other product. For lip and facial fillers, we use the entire Juvéderm family of products. Their range of different product structures gives us the control we need to address multiple areas and achieve a variety of looks. We do offer a few Restylane and Teosyal products including Kysse and Redensity I and II. If there’s a product you’ve tried that you love, let us know, we’ll do our research to see if it’s something worth carrying. Ultimately, we do what’s best for our patient to give the most natural, beautiful look.

What is your cancellation or no-show policy?

To help better serve all of our clients and to help us safely schedule our staff following COVID-19 protocols, we require at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. We charge a $50 fee if you fail to show up to your appointment, up to a maximum of three now-show appointments. From there we will be required to charge the full cost of the treatment booked on subsequent no-shows.

If you’re feeling unwell, exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or if you fail to pass our COVID screening test, you will not be charged a cancellation fee.

Learn more about our cancellation policy here.

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