It seems that laser hair removal is offered these days on every other corner. But how effective the treatment is really depends on technique, and the quality of the laser being used. At MD Beauty Clinic, our goal is to get your treatments done as quickly and as comfortably as possible with as few treatments we can.

Everyone is different, but we typically recommend on average 6 treatments in order to see the reduction of hair growth on all areas of the body. After that, you may need touch ups (which are so easy) once a year, depending on your hair growth.

Book a complimentary in-person consultation and have one of our providers recommend the number of treatments that is right for you.

Laser Hair Removal by Syneron

Our hair removal prices are approximate. Individual and package prices are determined during your free consultation. With the package the 6th treatment is free!


$50 per treatment or $250 for 6 treatments


$100 per treatment or $500 for 6 treatments

Brazilian Bikini

$150 per treatment or $750 for 6 treatments

Lower Leg or Arm or Back

$200 per treatment or $1,000 for 6 treatments