Forma Facial Skin Tightening

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Looking for tighter and firmer skin, smaller pores, and fewer fine lines and wrinkles? Non-surgical Forma skin tightening remodels skin, improves texture and leaves you glowing.


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Price Per Treatment

Starts at $200

Treatment Duration

Around 30 minutes

How long does it last?

1 year

Forma Facial Skin Tightening In a Nutshell

What is it?

A favourite among celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen, Forma skin tightening and remodelling treatments use radiofrequency energy and heat to improve your skin’s plumpness and elasticity. This noninvasive procedure causes contraction in the lower layers of the skin while boosting collagen thanks to deep tissue stimulation, creating long-lasting results.

Who is it for?

Forma is a great treatment for anyone who wants to:

  • address skin laxity
  • reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles
  • stimulate collagen and elastin production

It can treat many different areas, including:

  • face
  • neck
  • décolleté
  • hands

How It Works

The Forma Facial uses radiofrequency (RF) technology in order to improve on your overall skin quality. It addresses skin laxity while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin bright and glowing. By stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the body these treatments yield long lasting results and keep your skin looking fresh, smooth, tight, and luminous.


The Forma Facial Procedure

A Forma treatment will typically be performed in less than 30 minutes per treatment area. At the beginning of the procedure, your provider will apply a thin layer of conductive gel to the skin, which allows the applicator to easily glide over the skin’s surface. As the medical aesthetician moves the wand in a circular motion over your skin, you can expect to experience a tolerable heat and occasionally light prickling sensation.

While the applicator wand is equipped with sensors to monitor your skin’s temperature and automatically adjusts to ensure that it never gets too hot, if you feel discomfort at any point, your provider can lower the temperature settings to match your personal comfort levels. This is sometimes necessary for patients with sensitive skin or for particularly sensitive and delicate areas such as under the eye.

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After the entire area has been treated, your provider will cover your face with a cool towel and remove the applicator gel. The procedure ends with an application of skincare and sunscreen tailored to your specific skin type.

Because Forma is so minimally invasive, there’s not much that you need to do to prepare for a treatment. We recommend avoiding tanning or spray tans in the weeks leading up to your appointment. Some skin treatments, including topical options like retinol or medications like Accutane may need to be discontinued before a Forma treatment. You can discuss this with your provider during a free consultation, or you can always get in touch with us in advance.

Is there any downtime?

As a non-invasive procedure, Forma does not typically require any downtime. After your appointment your face will appear flushed, similar to how you might look after a cardio workout. Some patients also report mild swelling and tingling immediately following their treatment. For most patients these effects resolve within an hour, while others with greater skin sensitivity may require a little more time before their skin returns to its baseline.

Your provider will give you post-treatment guidelines, including which products should and should not be used in the days following your Forma treatment. It’s important to follow these recommendations closely to achieve the best result possible.

When can I expect to see results and how long will they last?

We recommend a series of 6 Forma treatments spaced one week apart to achieve maximum results. Results from this first series of treatments can last as long as one year. In order to maintain the result after this timeframe, a yearly maintenance treatment is recommended.

Skin looks glow-y and firmer after a single treatment. You’ll see a noticeable improvement in your skin within 1-3 days following your Forma Facial, once any redness or swelling has subsided. However, best results will be seen once you’ve completed your series of treatment sessions, and they will only continue to improve after that as your body continues to build new collagen.

If your skin goals include targeting skin laxity and you’re looking for a real contraction of the tissue, then we recommend a series of 6 treatments performed one week apart. After the initial series of 6 treatments we recommend maintenance treatments 4 times per year.

Is the Forma Facial right for me?

Forma treatments are very effective and are great for anyone looking for skin tightening, increased elasticity and improvements to the overall quality and integrity of their skin. You should not have these treatments if you have an infection near or around the treatment area.

The Forma Facial is such a popular procedure because it really is a treatment that can benefit pretty much anyone. We’ve seen amazing results when performed as part of a 6-treatment package series, and we’ve also seen it work wonders as a quick glow up prior to a special event or evening out.

How much does the Forma Facial cost?

  • 6 Forma Facial Treatment Package $1,680
  • 6 Partial Face, Neck or Hand Package: $1,200
  • 6 Face and Neck Package: $2,700
  • 4 Forma Facial Treatment Package $1,120
  • 4 Partial Face, Neck or Hand Package: $800
  • 4 Face and Neck Package: $1,760

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