But first, skincare.

Our goal is to deliver healthy, glowing skin for life and skincare is the foundation of everything that we do. At MD Beauty Clinic, we use Miracle 10 skincare. It was born in a plastic surgery practice, but made for the everyday glow getter.

If the skin is the body’s largest organ, we get it into shape by doing the same thing we do to all our other organ systems: exercise. Miracle 10 formulations are designed to challenge the skin (gently, it is our skin after all!) so that it starts to produce those elements (moisture is a big one, but let’s not forget collagen and elastin too!) that keep it strong, healthy, bright, and radiant.

Miracle 10 skincare formulations are rooted in the science that the skin has the ability to heal itself. We therefore treat the skin like any other vital organ in the body (and if you think about it, it’s the largest one, covering us from head to toe!) that needs to be exercised and kept in shape in order for it to be truly extraordinary.

Miracle 10 skincare products are proven to have transformative results in reducing and slowing the signs of aging, improving skin elasticity, reducing pore size, healing the look of acne, and greatly improving the overall quality of your skin.

When you come in for a treatment have one of our aestheticians assess your skin type and recommend the products that will work best to achieve the results that you are looking for.

Miracle 10 Philosophy

Our philosophy is that the skin, our largest organ, should be exercised and challenged in the same way we might challenge any other part of our body, in order for it to be in extraordinary shape. This is why our products contain active ingredients that work to reawaken and re-energize the skin, stimulating it into the production of elements that are already naturally present in our bodies in order to build and hold moisture as well as to bind tissue. Our products contain vitamins, botanical extracts, minerals as well as active ingredients such as peptides, coenzymes, and DMAE. When the skin is reawakened it is healthier, clearer, more radiant, hydrated, tightened, and ultimately rejuvenated.

Miracle 10 Formulations

Our formulations contain the highest quality of active ingredients available that reawaken and exercise our skin. Proudly made in Canada, our formulations are proprietary, not tested on animals, paraban-free, and fragrance-free. Customized to three distinct skin types, normal/maturing, acne prone/oily, and delicate/dry, our products have been proven to improve skin elasticity, reducing and slowing the signs of aging, combatting and healing acne, minimizing pore size, and improving your skins overall tone and texture by rejuvenating the skin and producing transformative results.

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