We know that patients can sometimes get “treatment fatigue.” Like regularly coming in to get lip filler injections can certainly get annoying when you feel really busy or overwhelmed, and maybe sometimes cramp our lifestyle, and we really do get it. We’ve definitely been asked the question as to whether there’s a permanent lip filler solution out there, and there are some surgical options, but they’re not for everyone. And generally we truly don’t recommend it except in cases where someone is a very good candidate.

And we’re not saying this because we want to keep you coming back for your treatments. Well we do in some respects, because we love to see your beautiful faces. But when it comes to the lips, dermal fillers over anything permanent are truly the best option, and here’s why.

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Why Temporary is Best When it Comes to the Lips

Let’s preface this by saying that if you’ve seen some insane TikTok videos of people getting silicone injected into their lips, please just remove those images out of your mind. Silicone as a permanent option for the lips was rejected by the cosmetic industry in the 60s over safety concerns, and beyond safety concerns, after a while, silicone looks REALLY bad.

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Here’s the thing: the reason that temporary dermal fillers are the gold standard when it comes to plumping up your lips is because a) they look really good and b) because they are temporary.

The majority of dermal fillers used for the lips are dissolvable hyaluronic acid (HA) based fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance already present in the body and therefore it’s super easy for your body to metabolize and allergic reactions are super rare.

But it’s also a substance that’s soft and malleable like the lips. It easily integrates itself into the lip for a really natural look. But not only that, it also allows for you to still be able to move your lips.

Think about it. We do so much with our lips. We use them to talk, to eat, to smile, to kiss. The last thing you want is some odd permanent substance in there that not only makes them look super weird but can potentially make you unable to move them naturally.

Also, and even though we’re not big fans of the trends, lip looks come and go. The sexy pout may be sexy today but not tomorrow. So you may not want your lips to permanently look a certain way, or you may want to change it up from time to time, or you just might want to go back to the way they looked before.

The other advantage with temporary lip fillers is that if you get a look you’re not too jazzed about, you can rest assured you won’t be stuck with it forever.

Are there any safe permanent lip filler solutions?

Yes and no. We say this because, there are surgeries like the surgical lip lift, for instance, that gives you a permanent fuller upper lip, but not everyone is a candidate for this procedure.

This is a great procedure for individuals with a very thin upper lip, and for whom dermal fillers just might not work. It also works to create more balance in the face, because it shortens the space between the nose and the upper lip, but again it’s only for the right candidate.

You may also have heard some rumblings about possibly getting a fat transfer to the lips. There are a lot of surgical procedures that benefit from having fat transferred from one part of the body to the other like with Brazilian butt lift or even with some facelift procedures, but when it comes to the lips there are disadvantages to this approach.

Although fat does in theory integrate relatively well in most parts of the body, and can look very nice in the lips, most certainly with an experienced surgeon on board, it can also be very tricky. Fat cells don’t multiply but they can shrink and grow with weight fluctuations.

So if you happen to lose a lot of weight, then you’d most likely lose your plump lip result as well, and if you gained weight your lips could become over-inflated, which would also not be ideal.

There are longer lasting fillers that can last anywhere from a year or two, but tbh, we still prefer and would recommend HA based fillers when it comes to the lips.

It might seem cheaper or less of a headache in the long run to try something more permanent, but the cosmetic industry is just not quite there yet when it comes to the research in the safety and effectiveness behind something more permanent for the lips.

That being said, HA fillers actually last a decent amount of time—anywhere from 6-9 months before you need a treatment again. And look at it this way: if you’re coming in for other treatments, like regular Botox or facial peel treatments, then you’ve already got a regular in-clinic routine on the go as it is. And we truly do love to see you ☺