We are super excited to announce that we have another doctor joining our MD Beauty Clinic team in the New Year! Dr. Neha Goyal will be teaming up with Dr. Chbat as medical directors of non-surgical cosmetic medicine. Together they will help to grow the treatments we offer and the techniques we use and act as a resource for our providers, staff, and you, our wonderful clients.

We are really looking forward to welcoming Dr. Goyal not only as co-director with Dr. Chbat but also as an expert injector herself. Dr. Goyal is passionate about improving both patient health and aesthetic outcomes, and this drives her commitment to ongoing professional development. We also love Dr. Goyal for her honesty when it comes to aesthetic treatments. She really shares our outlook on cosmetic treatments not being about pretending you’re something you’re not but really about enhancing what you already have.

That’s why we were super excited when she was featured in The Kit earlier this month sharing her thoughts on Jennifer Lopez’s new skincare line—as well as on her Botox denial. Many of you are have probably already heard that J.Lo is launching a new skincare line in January. None of us can deny that she’s a fabulous looking woman in her 50s (!!), but like many of us in the cosmetic industry, we’re a bit skeptical about whether she got there with a skincare routine of olive oil and good genes alone, as she has claimed.

Maybe J.Lo hasn’t had Botox, and maybe olive oil has had some positive effects for her skin in particular. But what she isn’t mentioning is a number of other treatments she may regularly get that have achieved and maintained her look, potentially including peels, fillers, microneedling and skin tightening and resurfacing treatments. As Dr. Goyal explains, these are all treatments that can stimulate collagen production, keeping skin smooth, glowing and tight, as well as minimizing lines and wrinkles.

At the end of the day, J.Lo has a right to her privacy and doesn’t have to disclose her skincare routine to anyone. But offering a one-size-fits-all magical solution (that can potentially cause major breakouts for some skin types) on how to achieve her look at 50 is a bit misleading and even a little irresponsible. We are all for natural, and we’re all about achieving a natural look, but there’s no shame in admitting that you take care of your skin, even if you enlist the help of a doctor, nurse or aesthetician to get there.

Check out the article and what Dr. Goyal has to say about it and the non-surgical treatments that can achieve J.Lo-style skin over at The Kit.