We must really give credit where it’s due. Injectable fillers have really taken centre stage these days, and that’s unsurprising given everything that they can achieve. We might even go as far as to say that they are starting to take over all parts of the body, and we’re digging this versatility.

We’re introducing a stellar new treatment at MD Beauty Clinic: the non-surgical butt lift. Yup, you read that correctly. It’s all thanks to our trusty injectable fillers that are now enhancing not only our faces but also our cute behinds 😉

What is a non-surgical butt lift?

So picture an injectable filler treatment for the face. Now just transfer that treatment to the bum (pretty simple, right?). A non-surgical butt lift basically reshapes and sculpts the buttocks giving it a subtle increase in volume and a little lift via injectable filler treatments.

Before and after 1 session of 9 vials of Sculptra. A second treatment will be required, results will continue to improve.

It’s totally non-invasive and takes pretty much the same amount of time—anywhere from 30-60 minutes—just like a filler treatment for the face. There’s also virtually no downtime involved with this treatment.

There are two types of fillers that are used for the non-surgical butt lift: Sculptra and Radiesse. They’re both unique fillers in that they’re biostimulants, meaning that they kickstart collagen production in your body. They basically work by getting your body to build collagen and new tissue in the area around where they’ve been injected.

The collagen production and tissue regeneration is what ultimately reshapes and contours the bum and maintains your result for a number of years.

Before and after 1 session of 9 vials of Sculptra. A second treatment will be required, results will continue to improve.

With this treatment we can not only add some more volume to the bum, but we can also target other areas of concern including what are sometimes referred to as hip dips—indentations where the hip meets the thigh.

Before and after 1 session of 9 vials of Sculptra. A second treatment will be required, results will continue to improve.

Is a non-surgical butt lift for me?

So this is the true question. Here’s what we want to make sure that everyone is aware of. The non-surgical butt lift is awesome, it really is, but it’s also subtle. This is not a treatment that is going to in any way give you the same increase in volume and results as a surgical procedure like the Brazilian Butt Lift.

That said, if subtle is exactly what you’re looking for then you’ll be super happy with this treatment. The non-surgical butt lift can improve textural irregularities, hip dips, skin laxity, subtly give the bum a lift and add volume, and just give it an all-around sculpted look. And it’s really great for anyone looking to do just that.

When will I see the results of my non-surgical butt lift?

When you’ll see the results of your non-surgical butt lift really depends if you’ve opted for the Sculptra butt lift or the Radiesse butt lift, and that depends on a number of factors that you’ll determine with your provider.

The two fillers work just that little bit differently. Radiesse will give you an almost immediate result following treatment, so if you’re someone who’s looking for an instant change this may be a better choice for you. Radiesse will still stimulate collagen production over the months following your treatment, but less so than with Sculptra.

The Sculptra butt lift will show an immediate result but these results will actually continue to improve over the course of 3-4 weeks post treatment. Sculptra will build more collagen and ultimately be more regenerative when it comes to the structural integrity of the skin.

During your complimentary consultation we will recommend which product we think will give you the best result, and there are a host of factors that help us make this determination.

How long does a non-surgical butt lift last?

For optimal results we typically recommend 1-3 series of initial treatments, during which we’ll inject anywhere from 5-10 vials per treatment. How many vials we inject really just depends on your skin quality, your anatomy, and the look that you’re trying to achieve, and will be determined during your complimentary consultation. The results of a non-surgical butt lift last on average 2-5 years and we recommend a maintenance treatment every 2 years.