What To Know For Your Next Appointment

  • Things are a little different than they used to be. Keeping you protected from COVID-19 and ensuring everyone stays healthy and safe is our number one priority, so we’ve implemented a few new steps you’ll need to take before you step inside the clinic and ahead of your treatment.

48 Hours Before Your Appointment

  • You’ll receive a text message from us confirming your appointment that also provides you with a link for our COVID-19 Screening Form. Please keep this for reference, but don’t fill it out until you are on site when it’s time for your treatment. Although we appreciate planning ahead, we need your responses to be up-to-date immediately before you come into the clinic.

Preparing for Your Appointment

  • Please bring your mask with you as you’ll need to wear it the entire time you’re inside. Masks with valves are not permitted. If you forget your mask, we can provide you with one.

At Your Scheduled Appointment Time

  • If you can’t find the COVID-19 Screening Form link on your phone when it’s time to come in, don’t worry. We’ve got signs on our doors with a QR code you can scan easily by simply using your phone’s camera function. You’ll need to fill out the form before entering and wait outside or in your car so that we can make sure we’re prepared to welcome you. If you don’t have a smart phone, follow the instructions on the sign to complete the screening process by phone instead.
  • While waiting outside the clinic, please follow social distancing guidelines; avoid congregating at the front of the building to prevent excessive contact with others.
  • A team member will call you when we are ready to meet you and guide you from there. We kindly ask that you wear your mask at all times while inside, even when you’re alone in an empty treatment room or using the washroom.

Additional Safety Measures

On top of that, we are keeping it incredibly clean and sterile at all times. As an Independent Health Facility, we already adhere to the highest standard of cleanliness of any kind of private medical facility. That baseline standard is more rigorous than most medical facilities, but we’re taking that to the next level. In Mississauga, we already have state of the art HEPA filtration attached to our HVAC system, and we’ve added a surgically clean air filter to sterilize the air in our operating system.

Our staff are always wearing PPE, sterilizing or washing their hands every time they interact with anyone. If they don’t interact with anyone for an hour, they will sterilize/wash on the hour. The same goes for contact surfaces. Though fomites are no longer considered to be a significant factor for spread of the virus, we’re taking every precaution and keeping surfaces clinically clean.

Finally, our staff are being screened twice daily – before entering the clinic and at the end of the day. If staff report even the mildest of symptoms – a headache or a sniffle – they will be sent home and asked to obtain a test for the virus.

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