If we had a game where you looked at before and after filler treatment photos and tried to guess how many syringes were used to get the desired result, we bet that most of the time you’d probably guess a lower number than what was actually used. And some of you might be experts at this point, so you’d probably get it right 😉

As you all know, at MD Beauty Clinic we pride ourselves on giving our patients the most natural results possible. So logically, less is more—the fewer the syringes, the more natural the look. Generally this tends to be true… but not always.

How much filler is too much? It really just depends from person to person. Some patients need less and some patients need a little more. It mostly hinges on your particular areas of concern and on what you’re looking to achieve.

Is 5 syringes of dermal filler too much?

Here’s where it gets surprising. So for example, if a patient had 5 syringes injected in one sitting, you might say that sounds like a LOT (almost too much). But for the right individual, 5 syringes can actually create a very natural outcome.

Don’t get us wrong. Of course 5 syringes when you don’t need that much, or when they’re poorly placed, won’t look great and definitely won’t achieve your goals. You’re going to end up with that moon face or you’re going to get separation between the skin and the muscle, which makes it difficult to move your face.

But multiple syringes for someone that can truly benefit from it? Now THAT looks stellar, and we’ve got proof!

Why 4 Syringes of Filler Works So Well for This Patient

4 syringes of filler were used to build subtle, natural volume for our beautiful patient pictured here. A 5th will be injected at her next appointment. All four syringes were injected laterally to help lift and support her tissue, and all were done in the same sitting.

Her injection sites were: the temples; the sub-zygoma, which is the area underneath the eye and just above the cheek bone (notice how the shadowing and hollowness underneath her eyes is improved); and the area just in front of the ear.

The nasolabial folds were not directly targeted, but notice how they are softened using this approach. The overall effect is a brighter, more lifted look. 4-5 syringes sounds like a lot, but is often required to get the kind of dramatic result some patients desire.

And when applied expertly it looks completely natural. Underfilling an area for this patient would have had the adverse result where you simply would not be able to tell much of a difference from the before photograph.

Here’s another before and after photo that we just can’t get enough of. This gorgeous patient also had 5 syringes to create her stunning look.

Her injection sites included: the temples (with each side being injected with one syringe), the lips, the jaw, and the mid cheek. We injected one full syringe in the lips, and one full syringe across each side of the jaw. The final syringe we injected along the mid cheek divided between both sides.

You probably won’t disagree that the result is amazing, and nothing short of being extremely natural, while also dramatic at the same time. The patient’s face has an overall lifted quality. The cheek and jawline have gained so much definition creating a really balanced look, especially when looking at her profile.

She also had a lovely, subtle amount of volume added to her lips creating a perfect symmetry between the space of the patient’s mouth and nose.

How Many Syringes of Filler Are Right for Me?

If you’re seeing these results and recognizing how much they’re in line with your own goals, you might be the perfect candidate for this kind of treatment. Come in and talk to us (or call us… or email us… or DM us 😘) and we’d be happy to discuss it in detail with you.