Remember being young in school, making secret clubs with only your closest friends and holding important council meetings at your local treehouse or childhood bedroom?

Well, consider yourself invited to our new and exclusive beauty membership program: The Glow Club.

You already know that we don’t gatekeep around here! This not-so-secret club affords you perks across MD Beauty Clinic and Miracle 10 skincare products and services all year round. Forsaking special handshakes and secret passwords, The Glow Club instead offers you early access to storewide sales, monthly treatments, all-year discounts, and so much more. We’re really taking our glow-getters to the next level with this VIP treatment.

Tell Me More…

Now that we’ve caught your interest, let’s go through the details of our new membership program, so you can decide if you’d like to join the club.

The Glow Club has three tiers. Think of them as Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals—except they’re all winners with perks that ensure you’re glowing for all four seasons. Here are some guidelines to help you decide which option is right for you:

Membership 1: $99/month

This option gives you a monthly treatment consisting of one of three different facials or laser hair removal and a yearly allotment of 20 units of toxin. That’s right—you’re guaranteed complimentary toxin each year. Additional perks include a birthday gift, early access to sales, exclusive event invites, and a free Miracle 10 product on your membership anniversary.

All that being said, the laser hair removal options for the monthly treatment in Membership 1 are limited to smaller surface areas such as the upper lip and underarms. So, this is a great option for those who may be more interested in our facials (specifically the Miracle 10 peel, Essential Facial, or Oxygen Facial), or who have interests in two or more of the highlighted treatment areas for laser.

We specify two or more areas because something to remember is that laser treatments are often spaced about 6-8 weeks apart, which means if you’re only interested in laser, and only in one area, you’ll be benefitting from the membership every other month.

However, you can maximize on this budget-friendly option by coming in for alternating treatments. Think facial one month, laser the other. The 20 units of toxin per year are also sufficient for those new to the neurotoxin game. Membership 1 is great for those newer to the aesthetic space while still looking to maintain a simpler beauty maintenance routine.

Membership 2: $199/month

This choice is a happy medium in terms of price and perks. You get all of the same treats as Membership 1 with the added benefits of 30 units of toxin per year, a 10% discount on treatments and Miracle 10 products, and the exclusive ability to level up one of your treatments per year.

The laser hair removal options for Membership 2 are more robust including the small areas covered in Membership 1, as well as the arms, legs, and a full Brazilian. Plus, if you’re not interested in laser for the larger areas, you can do two smaller areas instead.

Like with Membership 1, a good way to maximize is to alternate treatments each month, but Membership 2 gives you an additional perk. You can level up a single treatment in a year to 1 of 3 premium treatments. Choose from a PicoWay Resolve, Votiva treatment, or microneedling facial. This means that one month during your one-year term, you get to choose between six treatments instead of just three!

With this option, you get an increased toxin allowance, which is preferable for experienced patients, and the discounts are a great way to add on uncovered treatments without breaking the bank. Not to mention the appeal of 10% off Miracle 10 skincare products, the formulations of which just keep getting better. Membership 2 is made for the seasoned shopper and the frequent flyer.

Membership 3: $350/month

This final option gives you the most access with monthly choices of any peel or facial of your choice (including an upgraded Forma Facial skin tightening option), IPL treatment, or laser hair removal for two areas of the body. PicoWay Resolve, Votiva, and the microneedling facial are available once a year for this membership, as well as our microneedling Beauty Booster. Plus, all of the perks aforementioned, AND, not one, but two free Miracle 10 skincare products on your membership anniversary.

Now, this option is the priciest of them all, but if Memberships 1 and 2 just weren’t giving you all of the perks you were looking for—like IPL, extended laser areas, certain facial treatments, and the Beauty Booster option—then Membership 3 will still save some costs and still grant you access to those exclusive perks and invites any VIP would appreciate.

Some tips to maximize this option:

  • Pick four preferred areas for laser hair removal and alternate each month to have a total of six cycles of treatment on four areas of your body within the year.
  • Alternate between two preferred areas for laser, and a facial treatment each month.
  • Use one of our yearly level-ups (Picoway, Votiva, or one of the two microneedling options), and use your 10% discount for follow-up treatments
  • Schedule your neurotoxin treatments in advance so you use up your 30 units before the year’s end

Membership 3 is for The Ultimate Glow Getter, the one who has a little more time to make it in for appointments, and some extra funds in their beauty budget.

The Glow Club & Your Beauty Pass

Attention Beauty Pass holders: The Glow Club may just be your new aesthetic BFF. The Glow Club memberships and your Beauty Pass work beautifully together, ensuring your beauty maintenance routine is fully covered all year round. Your Glow Club membership guarantees you monthly consistency with your skin treatments which provides you with great results for an awesome price. While your Beauty Pass is the perfect tool to ensure your add-ons are covered at the best rate available.

Want to layer on a rejuvenating décolleté peel while visiting us during your monthly Glow Club treatment? That’s the perfect time to use your Beauty Pass. Ready to level up your annual treatment to a more robust treatment like Picoway Resolve? Your Beauty Pass can be used to cover those supplementary sessions. Come in for your complimentary Glow Club toxin and use your Beauty Pass to top it up, or of course, for your filler treatments.

Join the Club

While we hope this post gave you the insight you needed to learn more about our exciting launch, you may still need to mull your decision over for a bit. We understand that a one-year commitment* will take some consideration. If you still find yourself undecided, a great thing to know about The Glow Club is that you can level up to different memberships at any point during the course of your term. So if Membership 1 feels like a safe space to start, then go for it! If you’re loving the perks and want to upgrade midway, you are totally free to do so.

And should you still have more questions or would love to speak to a member of our team, you know we’re always at the ready! Let us help you pick the membership level that works best for your aesthetic needs.

Club meetings are held monthly at one of our MD Beauty Clinic locations. Join The Glow Club today.

Ready to claim your membership?

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Terms and Conditions: All memberships are locked in for 12 months. Billing occurs monthly, on the anniversary of your sign-up date. No cancellations or pauses are permitted. Membership promos and discounts cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Memberships are non-transferable. Memberships must be paid via a credit card saved securely on file. A maximum of two treatments may be rolled over during the membership contract period, should you be unable to visit us for a monthly treatment. Rollover treatments must be redeemed within 14 months of your original sign-up date. If you are unable to pay via credit but would like to purchase a membership, we will accept full payment for the year on your sign-up date.