Why injectables and skincare are viewed exclusively and not as a package-deal always frustrates us. Then we realized, not everyone obsesses over skin health the way that we do. So allow us to set the record straight: Skincare matters even if you get Botox and filler.

What injectables can’t do, skincare can. We know it must be impossible to believe that there’s something botulinum toxin, our beloved Botox, “cannot fix,” but it’s true. You could have the most wrinkle-less face and still have “bad” skin. Skincare and injectables go hand-in-hand, and here’s why.

Caring for your skin is a life-long journey. From your daily regimen to sun protection, injectables to facial boosters, it is way more than what you put on your face every day. Ageing is inevitable, and with it, changes in your skin will happen. Sure, fine lines and wrinkles will form – those are obvious. We’re also talking about water-loss, hyperpigmentation, volume loss, texture and laxity – even skin cancer. Caring for your skin now, whether that be 25, 45 or 65, is preventative care. And what you do now will impact what you end up doing with your injector in 10 to 15 years.

If you could decrease your likelihood of deep-set wrinkles as you age, thus saving money in the long-term by needing fewer injectables, would you do it? What if we said that was entirely possible by following a good skincare routine and applying sunscreen 365 days a year for the next 30+ years! Skincare is skin health and so necessary if you’re someone who enjoys injectables. Yes, Botox relaxes the muscles in the face, which causes those fine lines and wrinkles but the fewer wrinkles you have, the less Botox you’ll need injected. Full circle, baby.

Are you visiting the clinic to have one of our injectors shape and enhance your features, only to be battling adult acne? No matter how sharp your jawline is, you’re dealing with an underlying skin concern that is beyond injectables. No amount of Botox or filler will address your skin texture, either. Just by doing the bare minimum and starting and ending your day with a cleanser that’s appropriate for your skin type, you’ll balance and brighten your face while also smoothing out any texture (like enlarged pores) – and that’s only the first step in a skincare routine.

It’s time to commit. Here’s a simple regimen by Miracle 10 that we stand behind:

Morning Skincare Routine

1. Cleanser

  • Normal/ Sensitive: Cleanser I
  • Oily/ Acne-prone: Cleanser II

2. Toner or Solution I/ II

  • Normal: Solution I
  • Sensitive: Toner
  • Oily/ Acne-prone: Solution II

3. Moisturizer

  • Normal: Light Serum or Moisture
  • Sensitive: Light Serum
  • Oily/ Acne-prone: Veil or Light Serum
  • Dry: Moisture or Rich Moisture

4. Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30

Nighttime Skincare Routine

1. Cleanser

2. Toner or Solution

3. Treatments

  • Normal: Retinol 30, AHA Cream, Super C
  • Sensitive: AHA Cream, Stem Cell Serum
  • Oily/ Acne-prone: Retinol 30, AHA Gel, Botanical Oil
  • Mature: Retinol 60, Stem Cell Serum, Renewal Complex
  • ALL: Mask, Spot Solution, Fade Out

4. Eye Treatment

5. Night Cream

Our skin is the largest organ in the entire human body. Let us do everything we can (internally and externally) to increase its longevity and durability. We like to think of skincare as the foundation to healthy skin, and while injectables aren’t necessarily required for skin health, it will help preserve your youth for longer. In today’s day and age, you don’t have to choose between one or the other. So don’t.

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