Morpheus8 is one of the fastest growing skin rejuvenation treatments on the market. Hailed as a game changer by celebrities, beauty editors and TikTokers, this RF microneedling treatment has received a lot of buzz. But it’s relatively new on the market and many of our patients ask a lot of questions about what to expect before and after treatment.

Since originally publishing this interview, we’ve made some updates at our clinic, which you can read about on our Morpheus8 pain management protocols update.

In February 2022, we sat down with one of our patients who shared her experience of the treatment and the top 3 three things she wished she knew before getting it. Here is what she told the MD Beauty Clinic team in her own words.

1. To take the “social downtime” after Morpheus8 seriously.

I am super happy with my results from my Morpheus 8 treatment. My skin looks much tighter, and it does not sag the way that it used to. There is also a noticeable difference to its texture. I look years younger, especially in my jaw and jowl area.

The team at MD Beauty Clinic let me know that I would have some “social downtime” for a few days following the treatment. They said my skin would be red and bumpy and that I may see some marks in the shape of the applicator (think of a square box with lots of little pin pricks). I didn’t take this super seriously as I’ve had many semi-invasive treatments performed and I always found that I fared better than my provider’s expectations.

I (foolishly!) booked a dinner party for the day after my treatment. Oops! I was definitely red, had marks from the applicator, and had a few bruises. While makeup covered some of it up, my guests definitely had questions about what I did to my face. Every day my skin improved and 2-3 days after the treatment the only telltale signs I had had something done were a few bruises, which I was able to conceal with makeup.

2. That it would be so effective for my jowls and jawline.

I was skeptical that Morpheus8 could address my concerns with jowling and the sagging skin around my jaw. I spent a year trying ineffective creams and treatments at other clinics before deciding to take the plunge with Morpheus8 at MD Beauty Clinic. I wish I had gone for it right from the get go—I would have saved myself both time and money.

3. Bring something to distract you.

This it not a relaxing treatment. In fact in some areas it’s rather painful. But I’ve had three children so it’s nothing compared to that.

What I found helpful in my second and third treatments was to bring some headphones so I could listen to my favourite relaxing music and zen out. I found that when I wasn’t anticipating the next “zap” I had an easier time relaxing. Olga also provided me with a ball to squeeze. Other pain relief measures included an hour of topical numbing and a kind of laughing gas.

In my first treatment, I forgot to use the squeeze-y ball, but in the second and third I made a conscious effort to squeeze consistently throughout. While the treatment is no walk in the park, there is NO post-treatment pain. My skin felt slightly sunburned but that’s it.

Overall I am super glad I got this treatment done, but its definitely a bit more invasive than I was expecting. So it’s good to be prepared for that! I have finished my round of three treatments and I started to notice the best results within 4 months.

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An Update on Morpheus8 Pain Management

At MD Beauty Clinic, we now offer the option of numbing the treated area completely using lidocaine, either injected directly into the skin or applied topically. With injected lidocaine, our patients have found that the treatment is not painful. However, the process of repeated RF microneedling can still be a little grating, so we recommend bringing something to listen to as our patient suggests above.


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